A-Z of Insurance

At Irvine Commercial Insurance Brokers we offer a range of insurance policies to help you.

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Business Motor / Fleet

All motor vehicles used on the road or areas where the public have a right of access, must be insured by law for the minimum third party insurance.



Construction and the allied trades are the countries largest industry, employing more than two million people. Due to the nature of work that is undertaken it is also one of the most dangerous.


Directors & Officers

Under the current legislation a Director or Officer of a company can be held personally liable for their actions. Even if your company has limited liability, an individual has unlimited personal liability.



Engineering Insurance covers can include both inspection services and also Machinery Insurance for items of Machinery and Plant that you operate on your business premises.



Your horse or pony can be a large financial investment and it is essential that you have the correct insurance cover in place should anything go wrong.



As an events organiser or being involved in arranging a one off event presents a number of risks that need adequate insurance cover.



Sports and Leisure Business’s and Clubs that provide recreational activities have a unique blend of risks that need insuring.



The policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as malpractice, injury or negligence


Motor Trade

Motor Trade Business cover requires a unique blend of traditional commercial insurance products and motor insurance to cover the road risks associated with operating a Motor Trade vehicle.


Personal Home

Your own private residence is as unique as your own character and the building and its contents an expression of who you are.


Personal Motor

Private Motor Polices covering fully comprehensive insurance or third party fire and theft cover with driving restrictions as you require.


Professional Indemnity

If you as a business/individual give advice in return for a fee that could lead to a financial loss to your customers, then this cover provides an indemnity to pay those awards and costs.


Property Owners

The risks present in the ownership of a commercial or residential property include the potential for physical loss or damage to the buildings themselves, together with, financial loss.


Shops, Offices, Surgeries..

As a business owner you are exposed to a diverse range of threats and risks and cover can be arranged on a “package” basis where the key areas of your exposure is protected.



“All Risks” cover can be provided for the physical loss or damage of your property due to its carriage within your own vehicles or those of a third party carrier.



Travel Insurance is an essential part of any trip that you may make either as a private individual on holiday or on a prearranged business trip.